Sunday, September 23, 2012

What must Go On for it to Get On

Psalms 95

There are some things that should Go On in Church, and if they do, the meeting can Get On!!!

Worship is a vital part of what should go on in church, but not everything that folks are calling worship is truly worship.

We see a model of worship:

·         Rejoicing 1-5

·         Reverence 6-7

·         Response 7c-11


Rejoicing (1-5):

Rejoicing is an outward expression of an inward conviction or feeling (Spiritual, NOT Carnal)

We should rejoice because of the Lords:

·         Power

·         Presence

·         Provision


Reverence (6-7b)

Without reverence, rejoicing can turn into a self indulgent pep-rally

We reverence with our:

·         Actions

·         Attitudes

·         Attire

·         Altar


Respones (7c-11)

When confronted with truth, men always respond, just not always in a positive manner

God help our response to be:

We are not going to be just another Church

This is not going to be just another Revival

I’m not going to be just another Christian

But our DESIRE is to please, praise, and proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ like never before.